Agro culture innovations

We create eco-friendly biostimulants that are innovatie for agriculture

Employing cutting-edge technology in research

R&D+i department aims to develop efficient and high-quality biostimulant extracts. We are the AGRO division of Ajinomoto Group, an international corporation that specializes in obtaining extracts and other relevant substances through fermentation processes.

We work closely with Ajinomoto Group’s microbiology, metabolic engineering, and bioprocesses labs to produce innovative amino acids and biostimulant substances. As visionary pioneers, we can develop unique biostimulants, thanks to Ajinomoto Group’s bank of exclusive bacterial strains at our disposal, ensuring respect for the environment while doing so.

Delivering reliable innovations to the agriculture sector

Innovation is at the foundation of everything we do. Innovation is at the foundation of everything we do. At Dadelos Agrosolutions™, we continuously launch new products, allowing us to develop solutions for the agro-industry sector. Our objective is to respond to the needs of agriculture.

Our plant-based raw materials are obtained through exclusive extraction processes which have been designed to specifically produce innovative, efficient biostimulants.


Dedication to Quality

Dedication to Sustainability

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– Ecovadis Gold, ISO14001 certified
– Transparent and collaborative to
meet your climate objectives
– In-house EcoPass-tool applied to every product in order to reduce the carbon footprint