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A rich history

Our history

Ajinomoto Omnichem has a long history of providing high quality products and services in Belgium and beyond. Since our beginnings, our goals have not changed, we continue to be dedicated to serving our customers, employees and the communities where we operate.


Ajinomoto Omnichem launches 2 new brands, i.e. Ajinomoto Agro Solutions as well as Ajinomoto Sustainable Solutions


Both the next continuous flow installation for green manufacturing on industrial scale, as well as the oligonucleotide manufacturing based on the AJIPHASE ® technology on industrial scale becomes operational in Belgium.


The doubling of the capacity of the site in Vizag-India becomes operational.


Ajinomoto Omnichem becomes 100% owner of the sites in Valencia and Montaverner, and thus of the biostimulants business.


We finalized the debottlenecking of our operations in Belgium. New OEB4/5 facilities, as well as new development labs for early phase and green chemistry became operational.


Ajinomoto Omnichem becomes 100% owner of the site in Vizag-India.


Ajinomoto Omnichem Pharmaceutical Fine Chemical division joins Ajinomoto Althea in the US to create Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services, a fully integrated, global CDMO for large and small molecules.

Agrochemicals, Botanical extraction and Amino Sciences remain a part of Ajinomoto Omnichem.


Continuous flow technology launches at Wetteren site.


High Potency API capabilities expansion takes place at the Wetteren site.


Granules Omnichem in India begins API and intermediate manufacturing operations.


The Wetteren site expands its synthesis capabilities to include highly potent (OEB 5) API and cryogenic manufacturing.


Ajinomoto Omnichem and Granules India form a 50:50 JV to manufacture APIs in India.


Ajinomoto’s Amino Science Division is incorporated into the newly named S.A. Ajinomoto Omnichem N.V.


API and intermediate production at the Balen site begins.


A collaboration between Omnichem and Ajinomoto leads to a sterile production unit for amino acids.


Omnichem is acquired by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.


The Balen site, specializing in nitration activities and agrochemicals, is incorporated into Omnichem.


Omnichem is created with the merging of the Wetteren site and Omnium Chimique (in Louvain-La-Neuve), a company specializing in alkaloid chemistry for the pharmaceutical industry.


Production of synthetic intermediates and bulk actives for the pharmaceutical industry begins.


Manufacturing activities switches to tannic acid and botanical extractions.


Black powder manufacture authorized to begin at current Wetteren site.

ajinomoto omnichem

Ajinomoto Omnichem is a member of the Ajinomoto Group, which operates more than 100 manufacturing facilities and supporting offices globally.

The Ajinomoto Group is a global leader in amino acids, focused on the research, development and manufacture of high quality products for the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, and health & beauty industries, as well as food seasoning and consumer food products.

Since 1908 and the discovery of umami, the fifth taste created by glutamic acid, the Ajinomoto Group has been supporting healthy lifestyles and greater wellness through wide-ranging applications of amino acid technologies. Dedicated to supporting the “Eat Well, Live Well” corporate message, the Ajinomoto Group is committed to providing sustainable and innovative solutions for global health and well-being.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Ajinomoto Co. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO: 2802) and maintains operations in 35 countries and regions throughout the world. In fiscal 2017, Ajinomoto Co. had net sales of JPY 1,150.2 billion (USD 10.36 billion).

The ajinomoto group way

Create New Value

Create new value with new ideas and continuous innovation based on unique technologies and science.

Pioneer Spirit

Continue to constantly take on the challenge of creating new businesses and markets.

Social Contribution

Accommodate social requirements with humility and honesty, with the objective of maximizing value for society through business activities.

Value People

Respect the humanity of all the people involved in the Ajinomoto Group’s businesses, and be an organization in which they can grow and display their abilities to the fullest extent.

The Ajinomoto Group Policy is available online in 22 languages, including Dutch and French, to serve the countries and regions in which the Ajinomoto Group operates.