OUR plant-based


Agro solutions  meticulously designed to enhance nutrient uptake, assimilation, and efficiency, while also fortifying the plant’s immune system during times of stress and enhancing crop quality.

Biostimulants specifically developed to provide health, growth and strength to your crops

Increase the quality of the food grown

Improve crop tolerance to stress

Optimize field and crop profitability

Increase the quality of the soil for growing crops

Improve the soil’s capacity to retain water and its resistance to erosion

Low environmental impact

Our biostimulants empower the creation of customized solutions to enhance both crop yields and quality. Our offerings include:

Science and research for continuous improvement

We have made significant advances in studying and deciphering the action mode of plant-derived biostimulants, thanks to omics science, genomic and transcriptomic tools, as well as through high-throughput genotyping technologies.

The company’s aim is to identify synergistic properties between plant-based biostimulants and raw materials in order to develop innovative and specific biostimulants that can increase NUE or promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms and, improve plant resilience to environmental stressors, including drought, heat, cold and oxidative stress, as well as influence the overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

We are the partner you need 

Ajinomoto Agro Solutions helps you to find the best solution and accompanies you throughout the process to guarantee the quality of your products.

More than 25 years of experience

Comprehensive quality controls and continuous improvement

Team of committed professionals

Environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions

We advise and accompany you through the product creation process

We advise you on legislation and legal framework