Botanical Extractions

For more than 70 years, our NaturalSpecialities division has been actively extracting, purifying and synthesizing botanical and fermentation derived products for a variety of applications and markets. Today, we are a global leading producer of high quality polyphenols.

As experts in extraction technology and downstream processing, we specialize in producing gallotannins used in brewing, oenology, food flavors, and nutraceuticals. We also provide solutions for textile, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics applications.

In addition to our industry specific products, we offer contract manufacturing services to meet our customers’ needs, including extracting, blending, spray-drying, milling, crystallization and chromatography. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities include QA/QC, R&D, analytical and process development.

Our mission is to develop lasting, trusted relationships with our clients by personalizing our approach and providing guidance and resources to produce high quality products, on time and within budget.

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